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My main practice area is Social Security Disability.

For consumers, the only available fee basis, by law, is the contingent fee schedule set in the Social Security law.  The fee agreement is as follows:

  • 25% contingent fee based on retroactive benefits granted
  • Fee will not exceed $6000 if I win your case at or before the first hearing
  • No fee if benefits are not awarded
  • No fee from your ongoing benefits
  • No surcharge for medical records up to $500
  • No surcharge for travel expenses

I also offer various flat fee, split fee, and referral fee options for referral and per-diem work with other attorneys.  Contact me directly to discuss.

I also offer the following other services on flat or hourly fee basis, in New York only:

  • Traffic defense appearances – $200
    • Single appearance for traffic violations under the New York Vehicle and Traffic law
    • Includes negotiation of plea arrangement, and/or representation before a town, city, or county justice
  • Small business contracts – $250 per meeting
    • Includes drafting and advice about contract for services, joint ventures, and employment.
    • Includes one in-person or telephone consultation to discuss the goals of the contract, one in-person review and editing session after drafting, and any telephone or email discussions that are necessary to adequately address all pertinent issues
  • Residential leases – $250
    • Fully customized leases addressing all of the terms and obligations that you, the landlord, wish to include in your lease
    • Includes advice as to the legality of any proposed conditions
    • Available to individual landlords, corporate entities, and subletting tenants
  • Legal letters – $125
    • One to three page letters addressing a single legal issue, signed by the attorney
    • Consultation to determine the client’s legal standing on the issue
    • Review and finalize by email

Other services are available by specific request.



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