First RV trip, lessons and experiences

I realize I’ve fallen behind and this post really merits at least three posts on different topics.  So I guess I’ll just dump a lot of info into this one post, with the dates when I should’ve written them.

2/11/18 – After this Yosemite experience, it’s clear to me that I need to make some adjustments for my 37th year.  The first is that I definitely need to follow through and buy the RV, because it will enable me to take more trips like this and explore the national parks and forests.  Maybe it will help me meet new exciting people, too… maybe even women.

2/13/18 – I’m doing this!  On the plane right now to pick up a 2006 Roadtrek RS Adventurous class B RV!  It should be perfect for me and Jackson, and after some small modifications (roof rack and ladder) it’ll make a great shuttle vehicle.

(later that day) Mine!

Here’s my Roadtrek at the dealership

2/15/18 – First trip in the RV, sort of.  Just the drive home from PA to Buffalo.  It’s an adequate experience so far, but boy is this thing scary to drive fast in.

3/12/18 Fuck it, I’m driving to Alabama.

3/15 Okay, first business trip in the RV has been an interesting experience.  The drive down was way slower than expected.  I definitely need a roof rack as the two kayaks in the back are really killing the interior space.

Turns out there’s virtually no chance of finding parking for even a class B anywhere near the work site, and the plumbing is still winterized, so the plan ended up being to stay at a hotel, board Jackson at a local vet, and take Uber rides to the hearing site from the hotel and back.  It worked out reasonably, except some issues with the Uber being late and more expensive than I’d hoped.  So was the bottle of bourbon I realized I should have in the van.  Note to self, don’t wait until Alabama to buy liquor.

3/16 The Ocoee is great!  But maybe I should’ve planned a little better.  Running out of propane in Birmingham en route to Tellico turned out to be terrible timing.  Thankfully it turns out Roadtrek installed an electric heater, and the campground had a power outlet available.  New rearview camera is a nice little upgrade.

3/19 I probably should’ve planned better.  Not enough paddling so far this trip, and it’s extra frustrating traveling around with two boats when I haven’t even used the bigger one.

3/21 Snow.  Ready to call the trip a bit of a bust after three days in a row of paddling plans falling through.  Electrical problems are mounting in the van, for some reason the rear battery isn’t charging even after installing the new battery.  Heading north.


3/22 Top Yough!  Yay!

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