LWC prototype trip, day 2

Okay, so it looks like I’m going to need an alarm clock after all. The car sleeping setup is a success in that it’s super comfy, but a fail in that it made it a little too easy to sleep in. Today hasn’t exemplified productivity; finding good work environments remains a work in progress. Really, it’s going to just come down to the Starbucks routine most of the time, and here I am now at Books A Million in Morgantown, WV where I found a table to sit at for a few hours in return for a cup of coffee.  

Speaking of coffee, today’s photo for sharing is this mind numbingly boring snap of my breakfast setup. I’ve been starting my days simple with two packets of instant oatmeal and a cup of instant coffee. The oatmeal (Aldi) is great, but the coffee (Dollar General I think, maybe Walmart) could easily be better. Still, breakfast costs me roughly 40 cents, so that makes it hard to beat. Now if only I could get myself to eat that cheaply for every meal. 

Camp cookware
Camp cookware

Actually, more on that breakfast setup. What you see in this picture isn’t really a lot of money at all. The costliest item is the stove which I think was about $40. It burns isobutane, essentially lighter fuel, and one of those canisters costs about $5 and seems to last forever- I’m on probably my third canister in the last three years, although that’s really only about two months of camping; maybe soon I’ll have a better idea how long they actually last.

Lets see… stove $40, pot $20 (most critical), bowl $5, cup $5,  $1.69 can opener, garage sale silverware ($0.50?), $10-ish coffee mug, and of course maybe $5 in consumables… I do think this kit is overkill as it’s redundant to have both a steel cup and a mug, but the cup is great for soups and chili and stuff. So the camp kitchen is maybe $86 with fuel and I think that’s kinda on the spendy side for me. Yet plenty of people have spent more than that on just the stove, and I’ve got to admit that I’ve left off the photo the extras that almost never get used like the frying pan. 

Tomorrow I’ll try to remember to get a photo of the sleep setup. 

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